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At the Pension Fund office, we are doing everything possible to ensure a safe and healthy retirement for all of our participants. Check back here often to see the latest news about your pension fund!
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Competing Visions For Social Security
President Bush's push to restructure Social Security has thrust private investment accounts to the front of the political debate, but dozens of alternative approaches to Social Security's problems have been proposed--and many of them are receiving a second look as Congress grapples with the issue. The Washington Post--

Alternative Plans for Social Security - How They Stack Up
See what others propose as solutions to the Social Security Debate. The Washington Post--

Is Social Security Really in Trouble? -- NBC Nightly News (video and story)

Stand With Your Brothers and Sisters, Donate to PAT-PC Fund

Our elected officials face great challenges, and they are empowered with our vote to make decisions on critical issues that will affect you, your family and tens of millions of older Americans. Working alone, it is hard to see how we as individuals can affect the selection of our leaders. But by banding together, we have the power to influence who will be elected to lead our country.

As you know, our unions’ PAT-PC Fund (IUPAT) supports candidates who fight for America’s workers. The dollars we contribute to pro-worker candidates help offset the huge war chests of corporate and special interests that bankroll the other side. Pro-worker candidates need all the help they can get—as soon as they can get it.

Understanding that urgency, many of you—retirees and beneficiaries of the International Painters and Allied Trades Industry Pension Fund—have asked for a voluntary, easy, automatic way to contribute to the PAT-PC Fund.

We are delighted to report that the Board of Trustees has authorized a procedure to do just that! By executing a PAT check-off contribution form, you authorize a contribution to be deducted from your monthly benefit amount and forwarded—in your name—directly to the PAT-PC Fund.

If you decide to contribute to the PAT-PC Fund, deductions from your check will begin the month after we receive your signed authorization form.

Your decision to contribute is purely voluntary. No deductions will be made from your benefit payments unless you complete and return the authorization form. To request a form, please contact the Pension Fund Office at 800-554-2479.

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