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1-800-554-2479, pension@iupat.org

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410-564-5860, lbernal@iupat.org

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410-564-5875, organizing@iupat.org

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410-564-5850, scoyne@iupat.org

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410-564-5937, jbrahm@iupat.org

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Ask the General President

Upon taking office as General President I promised to always listen to the needs, questions and comments of my fellow members. Unfortunately, we are a big union spread over two countries and I often do not feel like I get enough opportunities to personally speak to my fellow members.

Therefore, I have decided to take advantage of this website as a way to stay in constant contact with the members of the IUPAT. Although this does not replace the chance to meet and discuss issues face to face with YOU the members, I hope you take advantage of this opportunity. Look for answers in upcoming issues of theIUPAT Journal. Please include your local union or district council number, and your name. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from each and every one of YOU.

General President
Kenneth Rigmaiden
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NOTE: E-mail does not constitute official communication with the union. Although all emails will be reviewed, due to the volume we receive everyday, we cannot respond to everyone. If you have official business with the IUPAT, all formal communication should be written and delivered via regular mail to the attention of the General President, Kenneth Rigmaiden, IUPAT, 7234 Parkway Drive Hanover, MD 21076.

We do welcome your comments and suggestions, but will not routinely reply to electronic messages.
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